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- Toys and more for kids

  • Over 100.000 articles
  • More than a toy
  • For the very youngest as well as older children


- Beautiful shoes shopping

  • Comfortable, sporty or elegant
  • Shoe trends for women, men & children
  • Known manufacturers
A selection of our offers

STEG Electronics

- Over 20 years of experience in IT services and technical services

  • Computer & home electronics
  • Large product range
  • First class service


- Made from recycled plastic

  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Recycled cement bags from Cambodia
  • Bags, Sneakers, Accessories


- Everything around your sport

  • Get fit and look good at the same time
  • New Styles & Trends
  • Well known manufacturers

Allianz Travel

- The travel insurance that covers specific needs for individuals and families.

  • Compensation for withdrawl or cancellation cost
  • For any amount of travel
  • Individuals or Families